Eye gym device - How it's made


Block Diagram :

This type of device could be build it in 2 ways:
1. LED (light spot) is place on a servo motor - I choose the vertical servo motor.
2. LED (light spot) is fixed and the lighting spot on the wall is obtained with the help of 2 small mirrors placed on servo motors

I choose to build variant no.1, because is the simple, I think :)

Components :

- UNO R3 ATmega328P ATMEGA16U2 Board For Arduino Compatible+USB Cable or an original Arduino board
- 9V 1A Power Supply Adapter (for Arduino) or Power Supply 9V
- EMAX ES08MA II 12G Mini Metal Gear Servo x 2

- 5mW Laser Red Dot Module
- BreadBoard + Jumper Wires

Schematic :

Servo 1 (the one responsible for movement on horizontal axix ) will be mounted on a base, so the top of the servo motor ( with the metal cogwheel) will be upward and the plastic wheel ( which will be placed on it) will be parallel with the "ground" :

Servo 2 (the one responsible for movement on vertical axix ) will be placed and fixed on the plastic weel :

Laser Dot Module Ledul will be fixed to the plastic element 2 ( which will pe placed on metal cogwheel from servo 2) :

Plastic wheel on which is fixed the servo 2 and the plastic part with the laser dot module will be placed so when you use the software for initialization , the red light spot will be in the middle of the wall :

We will connect the GND of the arduino board with the gnd pin of laser dot module and also with the ground pins of servo 1 and servo 2 (the black wires)

The 5V pin from the arduino board should be connected with the power of the servo 1 and servo 2 (red wires).

The signal pin of the servo 1 (typically yellow) should be connected to pin 9 on the board and the signal pin of the servo 2 (yellow) should be connected to pin 5. The pin 3 from the board should be connected to power pin of the laser dot module.

Connection example with servo 1

Before putting the servo control software on arduino board, you need to have installed the Arduino Software on your computer.
Good Luck...

How is work: In the following movie the device is set to do a single iteration for each set of exercises with a small delay between sets. In the version offered for download, the settings are for 5 iteration for each movement sets and with a bigger delay between sets in order to relax your eyes and eventually do palming .